Friday, April 15, 2005

A week in review.

Monday, April 11th, 2005. Second interview for Gymboree is today at 10am. 2 hour working interview to see how well I do with the kids and parents, and to let me see what the job entails. Goes well. Interviewer says that I'm obviously good with the kids and wonder if I still want the job. I say I'd like to sleep on it, then she says they'll have a decision late next week, call if I decide I don't want it. Maybe I should have said "oh yeah I definitely want it" even though I wasn't so certain. Money is needed, after all. After 2 hours playing with kids and being continuously amused, go home. Plan to do laundry, e-mail some people I have been waiting for an "appropriate time" to e-mail (i.e. a time when I could write down a nice description of life recently since they're people I haven't talked to/e-mailed in a long time.), call my aunt Steph, etc.
Three minutes after walking in the door, Sharon says she's got some places she'd like to go submit applications to. Asks if I'd be interested in going along with her and doing applications at the same time as her. Sure, why not?
Go to a shitty little day care center that looks vaguely reminiscent of that one trailer all the way in the back of the trailer park -- you know the one I mean, the one where the woman makes her money by babysitting the neighborhood kids, she always has dirt on at least 35% of her body, and her children are the ones with the fewest teeth. Except this trailer has an intercom and remote-controlled locking front doors, along with a security camera monitoring system. Hey, you know how people are, and you don't want somebody's baby to get stolen without at least catching them on tape in the act, right?
Proceed to downtown restaurant "The Bitter End", and Italian Grill place. There's three pages of questions about food, beer, seafood, and wine -- Name four types of red grape, what are three edible gulf fish, how is hops made (draw a flow chart and provide extensive but concise directions), etc. Weird. Not going to get that spot. Next to Kinichi, a sushi restaurant with 3 locations -- Denver, Austin, and Maui. Soon to be opening a fourth in Dallas. Hot spot for the Upper level execs and celebrities, as well as politicians and the independently wealthy. Was that redundant?
Anyway, I didn't even bother filling out the application. "Short Order Cook at Pittsburgh Deli Company" doesn't really shoo you into a sushi chef spot. My meter was running out anyway. Sharon wants to stay, says go ahead and leave with out her, so I do, wanting to get out of downtown before the beginning of rush hour and the shitty traffic, which I also do. Ryan comes over a little bit later, and we're on the porch drinking some beers when Sharon finally arrives home to the apartment -- about 5 hours after I left her in downtown. She'd been hired at a photo lab that needed people immediately on a temp, but full-time basis. She says they're still hiring.
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005. Go down to the photo lab at 10am, when Sharon's to arrive for work. Fill out an application, talk to the manager, and am hired on the spot. Nothing to toot my horn about -- it's not exactly "rocket surgery" as Amanda might say -- but it's something. Whoo.
Work from 10:42am - 12:00, go to lunch for an hour, then work from 1-7:45pm. Feels good to be working again.
After work, we go to the Broken Spoke, a semi-legendary bar just down the street from the apartment. Turns out to not be quite the desired flavor/atmosphere, so we end up downtown on 6th street. Good times. Dollar drinks, pool, and more dollar drinks. Me like-y.
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005. Work from 10am to 7ish pm. After work, go bowling a la Ryan, and have fun with the whole bowling thing. Nice scenery, good drinks, and someone else paying. Always an incentive. Oh, and the whole good company thing helps, of course, haha.
Thursday, April 14th, 2005. Wake up at 7 since Sharon and I had planned to get to work at 9. (Hours are pretty flexible, so it doesn't really matter.) She wakes up later than intended, to we don't get there until quarter of 10am. We stay until midnight, with a 45 to an hour lunch break and about te same amount of time for a dinner break. Pretty tired, but when I get home I can't get to sleep until 3am. :-(
Friday, April 14th, 2005. Once again, wake up at 7. End up getting to work around 9:15 or9:30, then working till noon and taking a lunch break. Lunch break last about 40 minutes, then get back to work, and work until 12:20 am. 11 hours and 40 minutes without a break, except cigarette breaks. Sweet. Riiight. On overtime by 7pm, and have only been working 4 days.
Tomorrow. Wake up eaaaaarly so I can get around and be at work by 7am, so I can pile into a car for a drive down to Houston, where I'll work all day. Expected arrival time in Austin at the end of the day is 8pm, when I'll drive back here, drop off Sharon so she can pass out, go pick up Ryan, and be at a club around 9 for a dance party club type thing. I forget the DJs, but tight spins anyway. That will go on for a while, possibly until morning -- 5 or 6 am isn't impossible, apparently. Then come home and crash. Hard.

Hope y'all are doing well!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Update on my current status.

Alright, so it's been about 2 and a half weeks since last I put up a new post. I suppose that means that I'm obligated to put something new up here about what I've been up to, for all those people who prefer to read about my life on a blog. So, here goes.

Sharon moved in. So that spare room I had is filled. Wahoo. Always good to have someone to split the rent with. She's cool; came here from San Francisco three days after I arrived here. Did basically the same thing I did: decided it was time to move somewhere new, picked Austin because it seemed interesting, and headed here, with no job, no friends, nothing waiting. Although, I had an apartment waiting for me, while she didn't. Sooo, you know. Minor differences, I suppose. So that's pretty cool, both of us are kind of getting used to the city together, and in our own ways seperately. As with any learning experience, it helps to have someone going through the steps with you. So, yeah, she's pretty cool, it seems to be working out well so far.

We're both looking for jobs; I've gotten a second interview at a place called Gymboree, working with children. I think I've pretty much got the position, which is cool. Unfortunately, it's only part time -- 20+ hrs per week, but on the plus side it pays decently -- 11/hr. So, I'll have to find another part time job to do during the evenings or afternoons, but at least I've got one decently paying job lined up. Maybe I'll apply to be a manager at Whataburger. Sigh. But I guess managers get paid decently, anyways.

We've got furniture now; finally. This weekend we acquired a couch, a loveseat, and two twin-size futon mattresses (no frame, just the mattress), all for free. I'm thinking about building little platforms for the mattresses -- going to look into the cost of getting some plywood and 2 by 4s over at Home Depot... have them cut to size, and then all we'll have to do is assemble them. That would be pretty cool. The place is starting to look like people actually live here. Sweeeet.

Speaking of which, I need decorations, primarily for the living room. My room's looking pretty decent, but the walls in the living room are more barren than ... nevermind, I'm not going to make a sick joke there. Insert your own if you want. So, if anyone wants to send me stuff to hang on the walls, that would be freaking awesome. And if you have a printer and want to print out some stuff and mail it to me, I've got a bunch of cool things I'd like to print (but don't have a printer) so IM/e-mail me and I'll hit you up with some links. I'm sure no one will do that, but it's worth a shot, eh?

It's 76 degrees out right now and absolutely f---ing beautiful. It's nearly 8pm, so the sun is kinda low, but not setting yet, so there's just a little tinge of color looking out the sliding glass door onto my balcony. Mostly blue, bit little tips of pink at the edges of clouds, etcetera. I'd take a picture with my webcam, but a> it wouldn't do it justice, and b>that's way more work than I feel like doing right now.

Hmm. I really don't know what else to say. If I think of anything, I'll post it later.

Take care of yourself, kids.